From its beginning in 1988 Falco has been the producer and distributor of professional archery and crossbow equipment.

In the last decade, this has meant an ever-increasing production of longbows and crossbow prods with which numerous European and World champion titles have been won.

The total number of large competition medals can now me counted in tens, It is a pleasure to say that the amount of archers in Estonia and neighboring countries has made a increase in the past decade - it is now truly an entertainment and a thrill of the masses. Falco has provided this growth with a wide variety of models - we now produce 8 models in our longbow collection plus crossbow prods, arrows, accessories etc. But Falco is also the reseller of many of the top brands in the World: we offer a full selection of bows, arrows and accessories for a complete experience in the world of archery and crossbow shooting, that includes everything to do with compound bows.

Today it is safe to say that archery is accessable to everybody no matter the gender or age - Falco can supply suitable equipment starting from age 4-5 up to the dignified age of retirement. In addition to offering equipment, we also offer maintenance and repairs, organize archery education and private archery events etc.

With any of your archery-related issued you can contact Falco and we guarantee you an answer.