Terms of sales

How to order online with Falco?

Due to the high customizability of our products Falco has no online shopping cart. Therefore the easiest way to order is to e-mail us at  When you submit your order we will reply to the email address you have given, confirming all your order details, including the products you have ordered, the availability of these products and the total cost.


What forms of payment do you accept on online sales?

We accept two types of payment for our remotely made sales: 1) wire transfer 2) PayPal. PayPal is ONLY accepted for sales outside of the EU. Inside EU, the SEPA international payment (wire transfer) is cheap and should be available in most countries. For some currencies, is the best available. 


What are the payment conditions?

On orders from individuals, we require complete prepayment just prior to shipping of your goods. Therefore, expect to receive an invoice once your order is ready to be shipped. Shipping is executed after receival of your payment. For organizations, normally we expect prepayment the first few times of business and later we can offer up to 21 days of payment time upon receival of the order.


How much do you charge for delivery?

The delivery cost is highly dependent on the weight and size of the package, your preferred shipping service and your location. Therefore the shipping charge is confirmed via e-mail upon receival of your order. The shipping offered by us reflects the actual service cost.


Which countries are covered by direct online sales from Falco?

Falco ships to all locations on the Earth that are supported by a universally known parcel service. However, Falco has official representatives for its bows and other traditional archery equipment in some countries (please check the dealers list tab on the website), in these countries our sales are managed by the local dealer which is usually also the more convenient method of purchase for local customers. If unsure, you can always contact us at to check direct availability of our products to your area. No geographical limitations are set on non-traditional archery products.


When will I receive my order?

Estimated delivery time for your order is highly dependent on the contents of your order. For in-stock ready-made products (almost all products on our website except for crossbow prods, Falco bows and arrows), we estimate shipping within 1-4 days. On to-be-produced custom orders, a rough estimate is offered upon ordering. However, due to the inconsistency of wood as a core material of bow-building, we may require to re-make your bow which extends the estimated time. Normally, our delivery time for Falco bows is roughly 3-5 weeks depending on the difficulty of the order. Bare in mind that our high-season is normally in spring and summer.

Although shipping times vary, as stated above, we only require payment once your order is complete and ready for shipping. Therefore from payment to dispatch, the estimated time is 1-2 days.


Refunds and incorrect or damaged goods. Warranty

We do all we can to ensure that orders of archery equipment and other products arrive with you correctly and in good condition and that the equipment lasts long. However if you are not sent the goods you ordered, or if the goods arrive damaged, we will help you fix the damage (in case of minor damage), replace the damaged goods and/or refund your money.

Falco offers a warranty of two years for all Falco longbows and one year for other Falco branded items (protective gear etc.). This warranty extends to manufacturer-made faults and does not include natural wear or natural wear induced defects. Warranty is automatically void when the products are mechanically altered by the customer. For products manufactured by other producers, their original warranty and warranty conditions apply.

In certain cases we may ask you to help us by returning the damaged or mistakenly produced goods at our expense.